Visiting Nature Reserves

Conservation covenants are privately owned land and are not open to the public.

Therefore, visiting is limited to 20 of the 34 nature reserves on the islands managed by Islands Trust Conservancy. We welcome visitors and ask that you please tread softly on the land.

Elder Cedar Nature Reserve sign on Gabriola Island

Tips for Your Trip

  • Stay on the trails when walking in our nature reserves
  • Keep pets leashed and control them from chasing or harassing wildlife
  • Don’t camp, horseback ride, cycle or use motorized vehicles – the sensitive ecosystems being protected are especially vulnerable to these activities
  • Don’t pick native plants or collect firewood

Ecosystem Protection is Our Top Priority

We protect sensitive ecosystems, natural processes, and scenic beauty. Our intent is to keep the natural character of the nature reserves by limiting human impacts.

Please Reduce Your Impact

Where trails exist, they are footpaths. Please remain on the trails to reduce damage to vegetation. We ask visitors to not camp, horseback, cycle, or use motorized vehicles. Pets must be controlled to reduce effects on wildlife. Please only take photographs and memories, and leave only footprints.

Closed Areas Protect Sensitive Areas

Some sections of nature reserves are especially sensitive to trampling and disturbance, such as bird breeding sites or delicate rocky outcrops with native flowers. Please respect signs or fences that close these areas. Looking from a distance helps us maintain these ecosystems for the future.

Report Abuse of a Nature Reserve

Our priority is protecting the ecosystems of our nature reserves in perpetuity. Although some nature reserves are open to the public for low-impact recreation, such as hiking, walking, or running, we ask anyone visiting our reserves to care for and respect the ecosystems.

If you witness the abuse of nature in a reserve, please report it to Islands Trust Conservancy staff at or by phone 250-405-5186. If you witness criminal activity in a nature reserve, please contact your local police or RCMP.

More Information

E: Contact our Property Management Specialist