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Indicator Program

 As time permits, the Islands Trust is developing statistical and trend information about the people, ecosystems, economies and communities of the Trust Area. This information is intended to  be a resource that:

  • Serves the needs of Islands Trust Area communities and organizations,
  • Informs residents, businesses, planners and decision-makers, and
  • Furthers the mandate of the Islands Trust to uphold the Islands Trust object, and implement the Islands Trust Policy Statement. 

State of the Islands Interim Report

In 2016, Islands Trust Council approved funding for a "State of the Islands" project to research and report on social, economic and environmental trends. In September 2016, the Islands Trust Council received an interim report on the State of the Islands project which included results of an August 2016 phone-poll of 426 island residents by Forum Research as part of that project. 

2011 Census

Census Profile of 12 Local Trust Areas, the Municipality of Bowen Island, the Islands Trust Area and BC., 2011 Census.This information is being provided pursuant to Statistics Canada's Open Licence Agreement.

Custom 1991-2011 Census data

The following excel spreadsheets, available for download, were created by Islands Trust staff using data from a custom order of Islands Trust Area Census data (100% sample information only). Note that due to custom geographic boundaries, this data may differ from data on the Statisitcs Canada and BC Stats websites.

This information is being provided pursuant to Statistics Canada's Open Licence Agreement.

Other Census data sources:

 Indicator reports on select topics:

  • Economic Dependency

The 2011 Summary of Economic Dependency Data and Trends within the Islands Trust Area report provides insight into the relative importance of various sources of livelihood in local economies. The methodology used in this report for the tourist sector, which was developed by BC Stats, appears to work best for larger communities; accordingly the tourism estimates presented in the report should be used with caution.

  • Agriculture

The 2010 Islands Trust "Exploring Food Security in the Islands Trust Area" Report includes charts and statistics on agriculture in the Islands Trust Area on pages 20-28.

  • Housing

The 2010 Seniors Housing Analysis Report  for Islands Trust includes statistics on housing in the Islands Trust Area on pages 10-12.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas emission inventories for local trust areas are available on the Islands Trust Greenhouse Gas Inventories webpage.

  • Protected areas

The 2013 Protected Area Indicator Report reports changes in protected areas in the Islands Trust Area from 2003/04 to 2011/12. 

Need More Information?

For more information about the Indicator Program, please contact:

Clare Frater
Director, Trust Area Services
(250) 405-5192

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