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2014-2018 Trust Council Members

2014-2018 Trustees group  

Sitting L to R: Sue Ellen Fast, Susan Morrison, Jeanine Dodds, Kate-Louise Stamford, Dianne Barber, Alison Morse, Laura Busheikin, Melanie Mamoser.

Standing L to R: David Critchley, Ken Hunter, Tony Law, George Grams, Heather O'Sullivan, Lee Middleton, Alex Allen, Paul Brent, Sandy Pottle, Derek Masselink, Dan Rogers, Peter Grove, George Harris, Timothy Peterson, Wendy Scholefield, Bruce McConchie, Brian Crumblehulme, Peter Luckham


The 26 elected trustees of the Islands Trust Council are charged with carrying out a provincial mandate to preserve and protect this special part of the world. Two local trustees represent the electors of each local trust area and two municipal trustees represent Bowen Island Municipality. Like other local governments in BC, each trustee is elected for four years. Trust Council holds quarterly public meetings and elects an Executive Committee that conducts daily business between its quarterly meetings.

The Trust Council establishes general policies for carrying out the object of the Trust and is responsible for the financial management of the Trust, with the exception of the Trust Fund (Section 4(2) of the Islands Trust Act). The Trust Council appoints staff and auditors, adopts the annual budget (Section 8), and elects the Executive Committee (Section 20).

Trust Council has created a strategic plan and policy manual to guide its decisions.

The Islands Trust Policy Statement outlines the general Trust Council policies which are designed to support the object of the Trust. It provides a framework for land use planning in the Trust Area, and guarantees compatibility between plans for the various local areas. All local trust committee bylaws and all official community plans and amendments must comply with the Policy Statement. Trust Council establishes sub-committees of Council members to investigate such matters as may be assigned to them by Council.

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