Regional Planning Committee

The Regional Planning Committee includes trustees appointed by the Council Chair with one Executive Committee member as assigned by the Council Chair. The Chair of Trust Council is an ex-officio member of the Regional Planning Committee.

Committee members elect a Committee Chair and Vice-Chair as required. The Chair of Trust Council may appoint an interim Council Committee Chair if required.

Terms of reference can be found here.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Regional Planning Committee was formerly known as the Local Planning Committee until September 2020, when the name was changed. The Regional Planning Committee’s roles and responsibilities are assigned through the Islands Trust Council policy.

The Regional Planning Committee is responsible for:

  • Community Planning
    Promoting meaningful public processes to establish long term community planning perspectives.
  • Local Trust Committee Functions
    Responding to local trust committee planning needs applicable throughout the Trust Area.
  • Local Planning Services
    Advising on the provision and allocation of resources to deliver local planning services to island communities.

The Regional Planning Committee also provides advice to the Islands Trust Council and management by:

  1. Identifying and reporting to Council on emerging issues related to the Committee’s areas of responsibility for Trust Council direction.
  2. Maintaining a committee work program to manage committee initiatives and Council referrals for quarterly review by Trust Council.
  3. Developing guidelines, policies and models for use by staff and local trust committees and/or Trust Council as requested by Trust Council.
  4. Providing recommendations for legislation reform initiatives and feedback on proposed legislative amendments and legislation.
  5. Maintaining a liaison with the Islands Trust Conservancy board.
    Development Management Processing of land use bylaws, permits etc. in an efficient and effective manner.


Laura Patrick
Salt Spring Island Trustee
T: 1-250-538-8170
E: Laura Patrick


Sam Borthwick
Denman Island Trustee
T: 1-250-845-9477
E: Sam Borthwick

Executive Committee Representative

Tobi Elliott
Gabriola Island Trustee
T: 1-604-832-7034
E: Tobi Elliott

Ex Officio Member
(Islands Trust Chair)

Peter Luckham
Thetis Island Trustee
T: 1-250-210-2553
E: Peter Luckham

Support Staff

Executive Coordinator
T: 1-250-405-5171

Write to:  “Attention/Dear Regional Planning Committee”


Mairead Boland
Saturna Island Trustee
T: 1-520-241-2954
E: Mairead Boland

Aaron Campbell
North Pender Island Trustee
T: 1-250-486-1140
E: Aaron Campbell

David Graham
Denman Island Trustee
T: 1-250-335-3033
E: David Graham

Mikaila Lironi
Lasqueti Island Trustee
T: 1-250-812-2560
E: Mikaila Lironi