Governance Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Governance Committee includes a maximum of seven trustees elected by Trust Council by the March Trust Council meeting in the calendar year following the quadrennial trustee election, and one elected member of Islands Trust Conservancy Board member as assigned by the Conservancy Board Chair. The Chair of Trust Council is an ex-officio member of the Governance Committee.


Committee members elect a Committee Chair and Vice-Chair as required. The Chair of Trust Council may appoint an interim Council Committee Chair if required.


In September 2022, Trust Council adopted a Governance Committee Terms of Reference (TOR), Policy 2.3.5 which sets out the committee’s roles and responsibilities.


Prior to adoption of the Terms of Reference, Trust Council had convened a Select Committee for a Governance and Management Review. Select Committee membership included the following trustees: Chair Lee Middleton, Vice-Chair Kees Langereis, Paul Brent, Benjamin McConchie, David Critchley, Deb Morrison, Michael Kaile and Steve Wright with Island Trust Council Chair Peter Luckham as ex officio member.

Committee Membership


Lee Middleton
Saturna Island Trustee
T: 1-250-539-5583


Laura Patrick
Salt Spring Island Trustee
T: 1-250-537-6822


Alex Allen
Hornby Island Trustee
T: 1-250-335-1129

Kees Langereis
Gabriola Island Trustee
T: 1-250-247-8281

Tim Peterson
Lasqueti Island Trustee
T: 1-250-607-7094

Tahirih Rockafella
Galiano Island Trustee
T: 1-250-539-3767

Kate Louise Stamford
Gambier Island Trustee
T: 1-250-886-4752

Support Staff

Executive Coordinator
T: 1-250-405-5161

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