Governance Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Governance Committee consists of seven members of Trust Council who have been elected by Trust Council. Election of the Governance Committee shall occur by the March Trust Council meeting in the calendar year following
the quadrennial trustee election. One of the two Trust Council elected members of the Islands Trust Conservancy is an ex-officio member of the Governance Committee, as determined by the Chair of the Islands Trust Conservancy. The Chair of Islands Trust Council is an ex-officio member of the Governance Committee.

Committee members elect a Committee Chair and Vice-Chair as required. The Chair of Trust Council may appoint an interim Council Committee Chair if required.

Click here to view Islands Trust Council Committee System and Terms of Reference Policy 2.3.1

Committee Membership


Judi Gedye
Bowen Island Municipal Trustee


Jamie Harris
Salt Spring Island Trustee


Kate-Louise Stamford
Gambier Island Trustee

Laura Patrick
Salt Spring Island Trustee

Peter Luckham
Chair, Islands Trust Council (ex-officio)
Thetis Island Trustee

Joe Bernardo
Gambier Island Trustee

Tim Peterson
Lasqueti Island Trustee

Lee Middleton
Saturna Island Trustee

Islands Trust Conservancy (ex-officio)

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