Trust Programs Committee

The Trust Programs Committee includes trustees appointed by the Council Chair with one Executive Committee member as assigned by the Council Chair. The Chair of Trust Council is an ex-officio member of the Trust Programs Committee.

Committee members elect a Committee Chair and Vice-Chair as required. The Chair of Trust Council may appoint an interim Council Committee Chair if required.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Trust Programs Committee’s roles and responsibilities are assigned through the Islands Trust Council policy.

The Trust Programs Committee is responsible for:

  • Resource Management
    Promoting sustainability in the use of natural resources of the Trust Area
  • Land Conservation
    Promoting protection and preservation of ecosystems throughout the Trust Area
  • Water Management
    Promoting protection and preservation of groundwater and surface water supply and quality
  • Marine Environment
    Promoting protection and preservation of coastal, and deep water marine ecosystems
  • Sustainable Communities
    Promoting livable communities with sustainable and viable local economies with housing that accommodates socio-economic diversity with regard for the carrying capacity of supporting island environments
  • Conservation Strategy
    Developing strategies beyond regulatory tools to achieve the Islands Trust’s object
  • Public Awareness and Education
    Promoting enhanced public awareness of environmental, economic and social sustainability in island communities and opportunities for their improvement


Kristina Evans
South Pender Island Trustee
E: Kristina Evans


Alex Allen
Hornby Island Trustee
T: 1-250-335-1129 (ext 420)
E: Alex Allen

Executive Committee Representative

Tim Peterson
Lasqueti Island Trustee
T: 1-250-607-7094
E: Tim Peterson

Ex Officio Member
(Islands Trust Chair)

Peter Luckham
Thetis Island Trustee
T: 1-250-210-2553
E: Peter Luckham


Sam Borthwick
Denman Island Trustee
T: 1-250-845-9457
E: Sam Borthwick

Sue Ellen Fast
Bowen Island Trustee
E: Sue Ellen Fast

Jamie Harris
Salt Spring Island Trustee
T: 1-250-530-9663
E: Jamie Harris

Support Staff

Executive Coordinator
T: 1-250-405-5171

Write to:  “Attention/Dear Trust Programs Committee”