Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility Committee is a mandatory requirement under the Accessible British Columbia Act effective September 1, 2023. Islands Trust and other governments and listed organizations must establish:

  1. an accessibility committee,
  2. an accessibility plan, and
  3. a tool to receive feedback on accessibility.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Accessibility Committee’s roles and responsibilities are assigned through Islands Trust Council policy.

The Accessibility Committee provides advice to Islands Trust Council and management by undertaking the following responsibilities:

  1. Identify barriers to individuals in or interacting with the organization,
  2. Advise the organization on how to remove and prevent barriers to individuals in or interacting with the organization.
  3. Develop an Accessibility Plan, and advise on implementation of the Plan.
  4. Review the Accessibility Plan every three years including seeking public feedback on the Accessibility Plan and how to remove and prevent barriers to individuals in or interacting with the organization

Islands Trust is accepting expressions of interest for volunteer Accessibility Committee (AC) positions, and are inviting members of the public to participate in the committee.

Islands Trust is seeking residents that have the interest and ability to assist and advise the Islands Trust Council to identify, remove, and prevent barriers to individuals interacting with Islands Trust.

To meet the requirements of the Accessible British Columbia Act, Islands Trust is looking for:

  • a minimum of one and up to four people from organizations that support people with disabilities, or who have disabilities, in the Islands Trust Area;
  • a minimum of one person who is Indigenous; and
  • a minimum of one and up to two people from the Islands Trust Area.

Successful applicants will be appointed by the Islands Trust Council and may be expected to meet four times per year. The term for each of these positions is to December 31, 2026. Terms of reference for the Accessibility Committee can be viewed here.

If you are interested in helping us promote accessibility in the Islands Trust organisation, please submit a letter of interest and your resume to:

David Marlor
Suite 200 – 1627 Fort Street
Victoria BC, V8R 1H8
Phone: 250.405.5169

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