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Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Committee Roles and Responsibility

Bylaw Approval

  • To consider approval of all bylaws based on compliance requirements with the Trust's object and Policy Statement.
  • To review and provide recommendations to Trust Council on all Trust Council bylaws.

Trust Council

  • To work with the Chair in the preparation and facilitation of effective Trust Council meetings and to review and make recommendations on all Trust Council agenda items.
  • To serve as a liaison between all Council Committees and to coordinate inter-committee communication, follow up on Trust Council referrals and Committee submissions to Trust Council via the Executive Committee.
  • To assist Trustees, Council Committees, Local Trust Committees and the Chief Administrative Officer in resolving internal conflicts.
  • To ensure the Islands Trust's legislative adherence with Trust bylaws, policies, procedures and guidelines, and relevant provincial and federal legislation.


  • To monitor legislation of the federal and provincial government through facilitating Trust input to relevant legislation proposals and the assessment of relevant new legislation.
  • To coordinate Council's legislative amendment program by maintaining a legislative change program of current and possible proposals recommending legislative changes to Trust Council.
  • To facilitate the development of protocol agreements with other agencies to maximize inter-agency cooperation to pursue the Trust's object.

Policy Development

  • To coordinate the Islands Trust policy development program and to review all policy matters presented to Council and to review all policy matters presented to Council.
  • To review and provide comment on management's operational procedures development.

Organizational Strategic Planning

  • To monitor the development and implementation of the Trust's work program function.
  • To coordinate the development, preparation and implementation of an organizational strategic plan.
  • To facilitate an ongoing Trustee training and orientation program.


  • To coordinate an effective agency liaison with external government, private and non-profit sector agencies.
  • To coordinate an effective public relations program through the development of targeted public communication efforts.
  • To maximize effective internal communications by facilitating opportunities for Trustees, LTC's, Council Committees, Trust Council and staff consultation and information exchange and provision of services and resources.

Trust Conservancy Liaison

  • To facilitate financing and service arrangement by the Islands Trust to the Islands Trust Conservancy program.
  • To facilitate effective liaison between the Islands Trust Conservancy board and other Islands Trust entities.

Management Liaison

  • To facilitate feedback on the organization's and/or staff's performance via the Chief Administrative Officer and monitor appropriate follow up action by management.
  • To coordinate recruitment, appraisal, discipline and/or termination actions associated with the Chief Administrative Officer in consultation with Trust Council as required.
  • To review and provide input to Management's operational procedures, proposals, plans and issues.


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