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Islands Trust Governance

Since the Islands Trust Act was passed in 1974, the governance structure has evolved to support 15 corporate entitities, displayed in this diagram.

The Trust Council establishes general policies for carrying out the object of the Trust and is responsible for the financial management of the Trust, with the exception of the Islands Trust Conservancy (Island Trust Act Section 4(2)). The Trust Council appoints staff and auditors, adopts the annual budget (Section 8), and elects the Executive Committee (Section 20).

Trust Council has created a strategic plan to idenitfy its goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

Provincial legislation requires that some of Trust Council's decisions must be made through the adoption of a bylaw. Read more >>

In the last decade, Islands Trust Council has undertaken reviews of various aspects of its internal governance, including political representation, election administration, meeting procedures, corporate services, local planning services and bylaw enforcement services.

In 1989, the Islands Trust Act  was amended to permit the incorporation of municipalities within the Islands Trust Area. Since then, some communities in the Islands Trust Area have considered and voted on proposals to change  local governance structure.  Read more...

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