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Islands Trust Budget

Approved Budget 2020/21 

The Islands Trust Council’s $8.2M 2020/21 budget supports the critical work of preserving and protecting the Trust Area at both a local and regional level and was approved after input and consultation with over 750 people in the Islands Trust Area. 

The 2020/21 budget shows a 3.2% increase in total planned expenditures from the 2019/20 budget to fund general operations and the implementation of climate-action Strategic Plan priorities. Listed in order of importance based on 2020/21 survey participant responses, projects funded in the approved budget include:

  • Development of a regional freshwater strategy,
  • Review of foreshore policies and bylaws, and development of a model policy,
  • Development of climate change, demographic, and environmental indicator data sets,
  • Continuation of Coastal Douglas-fir protection work by select local trust committees,
  • Development and implementation of a climate change-focused stewardship education program,
  • Mapping the extent of eelgrass throughout the Trust Area,
  • Continuation of the Policy Statement Amendment Project, which includes consideration of climate change-related policies,
  • Testing and developing the potential to broadcast public meetings. 

In addition to property tax revenues of $6,783,140 from local trust areas and $303,021 from Bowen Island Municipality, a draw from accumulated surplus of $501,150 has been approved to fund these strategic initiatives and subsidize operations of the Islands Trust Council, Local Trust Committees, and the Islands Trust Conservancy Board. 

The approved budget also includes a Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area special property tax requisition of $75,500 to fund continued coordination of watershed management in that Local Trust Area. 

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