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Islands Trust Budget

Islands Trust 2019/20 Budget Process

We will be seeking input on the proposed 2019/20 Islands Trust budget starting on January 22nd. Details will be published here.  

Islands Trust 2018/19 Budget  

The Islands Trust Council approved a budget of $7.86 million for 2018-2019 at its March 14th meeting on Salt Spring Island.

The approved budget allows Trust Council to maintain and improve service levels in a number of key areas as well as advance its strategic priorities.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2018-2019 budget consultation.

Approved budgets from previous years

Approved Budget 2018-2019

Approved Budget 2017-2018

Approved Budget 2016-2017 

Approved Budget 2015-2016

Approved Budget 2014-2015

Approved Budget 2013-2014

Approved Budget 2012-2013

Approved Budget 2011-2012

Approved Budget 2010-2011


Budget History

Budget History 1995 to 2018


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