Financial Planning Committee

The Financial Planning Committee is comprised of all members of the Executive Committee, the Chair (or designate) of the Regional Planning Committee and the Trust Programs Committee, a member chosen by the Islands Trust Conservancy Board and three (3) other local or municipal trustees.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Financial Planning Committee’s roles and responsibilities are assigned through Islands Trust Council policy.


Joe Bernardo

Gambier Island Trustee

T: 1-778-846-9612

E: Joe Bernardo

Vice Chair 

Mairead Boland

Saturna Island Trustee

T: 1-520-241-2954

E: Mairead Boland


David Graham

Denman Island Trustee

T: 1-250-335-3033

E: David Graham

Islands Trust Conservancy Representative

Susan Yates

Gabriola Island Trustee

T: 1-250-247-8086

E: Susan Yates

Regional Planning Committee Representative

Laura Patrick

Salt Spring Island Trust Trustee

T: 1-250-530-9663

E: Laura Patrick

Trust Programs Committee Representative

Kristina Evans

South Pender Island Trustee

T: 1-778-885-7464

E: Kristina Evans

Executive Committee Representatives

Peter Luckham

Thetis Island Trustee

T: 1-250-210-2553

E: Peter Luckham

Tobi Elliott

Gabriola Island Trustee

T: 1-604-832-7034

E: Tobi Elliott

David Maude

Mayne Island Trustee

E: David Maude

Tim Peterson

Lasqueti Island Trustee

T: 1-250-607-7094

E: Tim Peterson

Support Staff

Executive Coordinator

T: 1-250-405-5161

E: Executive Coordinator