Financial Planning Committee

The Financial Planning Committee includes trustees appointed by the Council Chair with one Executive Committee member as assigned by the Council Chair. The Chair of Trust Council is an ex-officio member of the Financial Planning Committee.

Committee members elect a Committee Chair and Vice-Chair as required. The Chair of Trust Council may appoint an interim Council Committee Chair if required.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Financial Planning Committee’s roles and responsibilities are assigned through Islands Trust Council policy.


Peter Grove 

Salt Spring Island Trustee

T: 1-250-537-1117


Tahirih Rockafella

Galiano Island Trustee

T: 1-250-539-3767

Deb Morrison

TPC Rep – North Pender Trustee

T: 1-250-539-8200

Laura Busheikin

LPC Rep – Denman Island Trustee

T: 1-250-218-3216

Kate-Louise Stamford

Islands Trust Conservancy Board Rep

T: 1-604-886-4752

Support Staff

Legislative Services Clerk

T: 1-250-405-5167

Vice Chair

Paul Brent

Saturna Island Trustee

T: 1-250-539-5454

Executive Committee Representatives

Peter Luckham

Thetis Island Trustee

T: 1-250-210-2553

Sue Ellen Fast

Bowen Island Municipal Trustee

T: 1-604-833-2418

Laura Patrick

Salt Spring Island Trustee

T: 1-250-538-8170

Dan Rogers

Gambier Island Trustee

T: 1-604-220-1500