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Current Applications

This page provides information on current rezoning as well as other significant applications. For a complete list of all open applications and their status, see the most current Local Trust Committee agenda package on the Meeting Calendar, Agendas and Minutes page and view the 'Applications Report' which can be found within the 'Reports' section of each agenda package. 

You can also view application associated documents by viewing the Current Applications Documents page.

Approved Temporary Use Permits for Commercial Vacation Rentals

Application  Applicant Description
 GL-RZ-2016.2  Galiano Conservancy To rezone DL 57 (10825 Porlier Pass Rd) from Rural to Environmental Education use and Nature Protection
GL-RZ-2014.1 Crystal Mountain Proposed rezoning to permit a year-round forest retreat centre.
GL-RZ-2011.1 Galiano Green/
Galiano Land and Community Housing Trust
An application to rezone land for affordable housing.
GL-DVP-2017.2 Taylor-Diamond Legalize siting of existing concrete wall.
GL-DP-2016.5 Taylor-Diamond Ensure development permit area is not compromised.

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