Gabriola Visioining 2050 Group Feedback

The Gabriola Visioning 2050 group feedback process is designed to encourage group participating in the visioning process, which will inform the Gabriola Official Community Plan.

More about Gabriola Island LTA’s Bylaws and the Official Community Plan here.

Submit by March 1, 2024
Choose one or more themes listed below or identify others not listed here.

Feedback form as a PDF can be downloaded here.

The data gathered here is not intended to be a statistically representative survey.

Theme 1: Ecosystem Restoration, Preservation and Protection

  • Culturally Significant Natural Areas
  • Biodiversity of plants and animals
  • Park Land and Nature Reserves
  • Forest Protection
  • Animal Habitat
  • Marine Shoreline
  • Species at Risk
  • Invasive Species Management (i.e. Scotch broom, daphne and tansy ragwort)

Theme 2: Sustainable, Inclusive and Resilient Communities

  • Indigenous Cultural Heritage
  • Protecting Property and the Community from Unpredictable Weather Events
  • Growth Management
  • Affordable Housing
  • Transportation
  • Waste disposal
  • Recreation
  • Economy
  • Arts and Culture
  • Energy efficiency and water conservation

Theme 3: Sustainable Stewardship of Lands and Waters

  • Indigenous Cultural Knowledge
  • Protecting Groundwater
  • Sustainable management of forests
  • Mitigating Risk of Wildfires
  • Agricultural Land Preservation and Food Security
  • Use of Marine Shore land
  • Reducing vehicle emissions

If you are not a group participant but want to tell us what is special about this place, and how you envision the future of this community, please complete the Gabriola Visioning 2050 survey.