Denman Island Local Trust Area Trustee Corner

Welcome to our local trustee corner, where you can learn more about the trustees working for you! Here you can access trustee newsletters and other information and resources that local trustees want to share.

Meet Your Trustees

David Graham

Denman Island Trustee

E: Email Trustee Graham

T: 1-250-218-6871

Sam Borthwick

Denman Island Trustee

E: Email Trustee Borthwick

T: 1-250-845-9477

David Maude


E: Email LTC Chair

T: 1-250-483-4755

About David Graham

I have lived and worked on Denman since 1993, other than four years living in Courtenay in order to give ourselves a break from being the Denman Island Bakers and also to make travelling to high school easier for our two boys. I ran for Islands Trust in 2005. I was elected and ran two more times, the third term as a member of the Executive. Living in a cooperative has given me a deep sense of commitment to the land and the people I share our forest with. Running again simply seemed the right thing to do once again.

About Sam Borthwick

Sam Borthwick is serving his first term as a Denman Island Trustee. Sam brings a background in community service and facilitation, ranging from event and festival logistics; coordinating and driving for the community bus service; to many varied facets of creative and technical life behind the curtain in the performing arts. As well as serving as Trustee, Sam coordinates the burgeoning Denman Island Bus Service, is the Head Technician for the Halls on Denman, and facilitates a variety of youth and after-school programs. He, his partner, and their two giant cats are grateful to rent on Denman Island.

About LTC Chair

David Maude is serving his second term as a local trustee for Mayne Island. His family goes back many years here, owning property on the island since the 1800s. David has been involved in numerous planning committees, ratepayers associations, task forces and commissions. Most recently, he served as Trustee and Chair of the Mayne Island Improvement District. David is committed to providing ongoing opportunities for islanders to have an engaged voice in the process of local government.


In the absence of trustee hours, Trustees Borthwick and Graham encourage you to contact them directly by phone or email.

Trustee Communications

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