Gabriola Visioining 2050

The Gabriola Local Trust Committee wants to know your vision for the community!

What is Gabriola Visioning 2050? The Gabriola Visioning 2050 project will inform the update of the Official Community Plan (OCP). This is an opportunity to discuss and define community vision and values. Through this process, the Gabriola community get to tell elected representatives and others who influence this island community who lives here, what is special about this place, and how to collectively envision the future together.

What is an Official Community Plan? The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a legal document that provides policy direction for planning and land use management including: heritage and cultural preservation and protection, ecosystem preservation and protection, community heath and wellness, community resilience, and stewardship of lands and waters.

How is Gabriola Visioning 2050 connected to the OCP? The land use elements identified through the collective visioning process will become priorities for the OCP review. OCP policies determine where different land uses can be undertaken, how the land can be used, and what can or cannot be altered.

 Why now? The Gabriola OCP has not been substantially updated since 1997, and a lot has changed in the last 25 years. The OCP will help guide changes, address growth issues and strengthen the community’s resilience.

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Gabriola Visioning 2050 Group Feedback

To encourage group participation and the dynamic feedback that often results from group engagement, a Group Feedback opportunity has been developed.  If you are a part of a community group and you would like to participate and provide your valuable group feedback, please complete the form.

Project Timeline

Project Launch at the Gabriola Fall Fair

Trustees and staff met with Gabriolans of all ages to hear visions and ideas, and answer questions at the Gabriola Fall Fair. One lucky winner took home a harvest basket filled to the brim with local goodies.