Current Applications

This page includes current rezoning applications, as well as other significant applications. For a complete list of all open applications and their status, see the most current Local Trust Committee agenda package (found through a search for upcoming meetings on the Meetings and Events page). In the agenda package view the ‘Applications with Status Report’ which can be found within the ‘Reports’ section.

SA-RZ-2022.1 (Bertolami-Crooks)

Amendments would be made to the Saturna Island OCP No. 70, 2000 (OCP) and the Saturna Island Land Use Bylaw No. 119, 2018 (LUB) to re-designate and rezone a portion of the subject parcel located at 104 Narvaez Bay Road currently designated Forest Land (F) and zoned Forest General (FG) to a designation of Rural (R) and a zoning of Rural General (RG).  In addition, 10 subdivision densities would be removed from the subject parcel located at 119 Payne Road and transferred to the subject parcel located at 104 Narvaez Bay Road via a LUB amendment that would increase the subdivision density on the newly created Rural General zoned portion of 104 Narvaez Bay Road to a maximum of 12 new lots.

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