Current Applications

This page includes current rezoning applications, as well as other significant applications. For a complete list of all open applications and their status, see the most current Local Trust Committee agenda package (found through a search for upcoming meetings on the Meetings and Events page). In the agenda package view the ‘Applications with Status Report’ which can be found within the ‘Reports’ section.

GL-RZ-2014.1 (Crystal Mountain)

Location: 1915 Devina Dr.

To Rezone to permit a year-round forest retreat centre.

  • 1 - Staff Reports
  • 2 - Proposal and Applicant Correspondence
  • 3 - Professional Reports
  • 4 - Correspondence
  • 5 - Proposed Bylaws
  • 6 - Community Information Meeting

GL-RZ-2019.1 (GIGARHS)

Location: 1663 Georgia View Rd.

An application to rezone a portion of the subject property from its current Heritage Forest zoning to a new zoning designation that would allow for the development of up to 12 affordable housing units.

  • 1 - Staff Reports
  • 2 - Correspondence
  • 3 - Professional Reports
  • 4 - Proposed Bylaws
  • 5 - Submissions from Applicant
  • 6 - November 28, 2020 - CIM

GL-RZ-2019.2 (Gauvreau)

Location: 60 Madrona Road

An application to rezone the subject property from Village Residential 1 (VR1) to Retail Commercial 1 (C1). The proposed change in zoning is consistent with the current Official Community Plan (OCP) land use designation of ‘Community Facility/Commercial’ for the subject property.

  • 1 - Staff Reports
  • 2 - Correspondence
  • 3 - Proposed Bylaws
  • 4 - Notice of Waiver of Public Hearing

GL-RZ-2021.2 (Gaylor)

Location: District Lot 86

Proposed rezoning of District Lot 86 from Forest 1 (F1) to a combination of Forest 3 (F3), Rural Residential (RR) and Nature Protection (NP).

  • 1 - Staff Reports
  • 2 - Submissions from Applicant - None
  • 3 - Draft Bylaws - None
  • 4 - Public Correspondence

GL-RZ-2021.1 (GALI)

Location: 409 Porlier Pass Road

Rezoning application to increase density from 1 dwelling per lot to 20 dwellings per lot for the development of non-profit affordable housing.

  • 1 - Staff Reports
  • 2 - Submissions from Applicant
  • 3 - Draft Bylaws
  • 4 - Public Correspondence
  • 5 - Community Information Meeting

Temporary Use Permits (TUPs) for Short Term Vacation Rentals

Moratorium: On July 8, 2019, the Galiano Local Trust Committee (LTC) passed the following resolution:

That the Galiano Island Local Trust Committee initiate a moratorium on new temporary use permit applications until the Short Term Vacation Rental project is completed and that bylaw enforcement is directed to require that unlawful short term vacation rentals comply with the land use bylaw.

Applicants can apply for a new temporary use permit for a STVR, however, the local trust committee will not consider it until the moratorium has ended. This does not affect renewal applications, which will still be considered.

Map of Galiano Island Commercial Vacation Rental Temporary Use Permits, March 2021