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Meet your Mayne Island Local Trust Committee

David Maude

Mayne Island Trustee


T: 1-250-483-4755

Jeanine Dodds

Mayne Island Trustee


T: 1-250-539-2411

About David Maude

David Maude is serving his first term as a local trustee for Mayne Island. His family goes back many years here, owning property on the island since the 1800s. David has been involved in numerous planning committees, ratepayers associations, task forces and commissions. Most recently, he served as Trustee and Chair of the Mayne Island Improvement District. David is committed to providing ongoing opportunities for islanders to have an engaged voice in the process of local government.

About Jeanine Dodds

Jeanine Dodds is serving her fifth term as a local trustee for the Mayne Island Local Trust Committee. Jeanine arrived on Mayne Island as a young child when her family bought the historic Springwater Lodge and her career includes highlights as a former School Trustee, farmer and courier operator. In her work as an Island Trustee, Jeanine is engaged in public outreach and community events alongside her regular business agendas.

About Dan Rogers

Dan Rogers is serving his second term as Trustee for Gambier Island. A part-time resident of Keats Island, Dan has served as Chair of the Eastbourne Community Association and the Keats Island Conservation Group. Dan is now on the Executive of Islands Trust serving as a Vice Chair and Chair of the Local Trust Committees of Gabriola, Galiano and Mayne Islands.

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