Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement

Bylaws are laws that formalize rules made by a council or board.

The goal of Islands Trust bylaw enforcement is to help individuals, businesses, and organizations comply with Islands Trust bylaws. A Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions brochure can be found here.

In most circumstances, bylaw enforcement only happens if a written complaint is received.

However, enforcement may be started without a complaint if there is:

Juvenile bald eagle on a rock and water in the background
  • An environmental concern involving water bodies or a development permit area.
  • A permitting issue.
  • Advertising of unlawful land use (such as a short-term vacation rental).

Bylaw Enforcement Review Project

The purpose of the Bylaw Enforcement review project is to resolve bylaw enforcement matters efficiently and with minimal conflict by reviewing and amending Islands Trust Bylaw Enforcement policies, procedures, and guidelines. Read more about the project here.

Working With Other Governments and Agencies

Some complaints involve issues that are beyond the Islands’ Trust jurisdiction, such as building code concerns, animal control and nuisance noise.

In those instances, Islands Trust staff helps the complainant by providing contact information for the appropriate agency.

Resolving Bylaw Complaints

Before bylaw enforcement happens, we attempt to resolve complaints, problems and issues through education and voluntary compliance.

Report a Problem

If you wish to report a bylaw problem, please complete our online Bylaw Contravention Report Form, found on the Report a Concern page.

Dispute a Bylaw Violation Notice

Seven days after Islands Trust mails your Bylaw Violation Notice is considered to be the day you received the Notice.

When you receive a Bylaw Violation Notice, you have 14 days to dispute it. You can do this by completing a Dispute Adjudication Form.

Bylaw Violation Notice disputes are adjudicated by an agency selected by the provincial government.

Please refer to the Bylaw Enforcement Notice and Dispute Adjudication System brochure for more information.

How to Pay Your Bylaw Violation Notice

If you pay your Bylaw Violation Notice within 14 days after receiving the Notice, the amount will be discounted.

The day you receive the Notice is considered to be seven days after Islands Trust mails the Bylaw Violation Notice to you.

When you pay your Bylaw Violation Notice over 28 days after receiving the Notice, a surcharge is added to the total payment.

Cheque or e-transfer is accepted. Learn more about how to make a payment.

More Information

E: Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement Staff

T: 1-250-405-5175