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Galiano Island LTC Projects & Initiatives

Local trust committees set their priorities and manage their community planning projects using a work program. Top priority projects on the LTC's work program have resources in place, or resources which will be soon available. Projects may be significant and long term, such as an Official Community Plan Review, or relatively minor, such as an amendment to a regulation in a Land Use Bylaw. 

Current Projects  

Affordable Housing

The intent of the project is, with the aid of a Special Advisory Commission, to quantify and understand the need for affordable housing on Galiano Island and to explore and understand the range of affordable housing options available.

Telecommunication Strategy - COMPLETED

To review telecommunication options, including policies for telecommunication towers on Galiano Island, and to create a special APC to develop recommendations for telecommunication consultation procedures.

Dock Review

The objective of this project is to consider amending current or adding new policies and regulations for private docks within the Galiano Island Local Trust Area.

 Previous Projects 


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