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Affordable Housing - 2019 STVR Review

Galiano Island - 2019 STVR Review Project

The current phase, expected to be completed in 2020, will review policies and regulations for Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVR) to address any impacts on affordable housing.

Project Charter

Project Charter - June 2019

Open House

An Open House will be held at the Galiano Island Lions Hall (992 Burrill Road) between 230-430 on November 23, 2019 to present the findings of STVR research to date.  The Open House will also provide an opportunity for the Galiano Island community and STVR stakeholders to share their perspectives on the current regulations, policies and use of STVRs on Galiano Island. Results of this Open House, along with a public survey to be launched at the Open House, will help to inform the LTC on whether changes to the existing regulations and policies that govern STVR use on Galiano Island should be considered.

Discussion Paper

To provide background and context for community and stakeholder discussion, planning staff have prepared a discussion paper on the STVR issue

Staff Reports and Memos

(Previous) 2013-2014 STVR Project

Short term vacation rentals were legalized on Galiano Island in 2014 following extensive effort and community consultation. Project details can be found here.


North Pender LTC -  STVR Review Project
South Pender LTC - STVR Review Project

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