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Addressing Industrial Applications for Howe Sound

Over the last few years, a number of applications have come in to Howe Sound municipalities proposing industrial projects, or announcing natural resource projects. They include:

  • Community Woodlots on Gambier Island
  • BURNCO mine at McNab Creek 
  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Plant at Woodfibre

The Gambier LTC has made it a top priority project to respond to these applications in the appropriate manner. The Local Trust Area’s Official Community Plans were created to provide direction and guidance on preserving and protecting zoned lands and waters; if applicable, the LTC is using these policies and advocacy policies to guide their comments on the applications. Where not applicable, the LTC provides general comment on the applications about the potential impacts to the natural environment and residents in the Local Trust Area.

General Information:

The following application processes and documents are organized by project. 

Community Woodlots on Gambier Island:

BURNCO Mine at McNab Creek:

There is an application for a gravel aggregate mine at McNabb Creek. The proposed project would occur in the waters of the Gambier Local Trust Area, but outside the zoned plan areas.  The BC Environmental Assessment Office is running the environmental assessment and has finalized the Application Information Requirements (AIR). An Islands Trust staff member and a Local Trustee joined the working group to provide knowledge and advice for the AIR, and participated in the application screening.

The status of the BURNCO application, as well as information about the upcoming public review period tentatively scheduled for Summer 2016, is available here:   

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) at Woodfibre:

There is an application for a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant at Woodfibre (near Squamish). The proposed project would occur outside the Gambier Local Trust Area, but tanker traffic will go through waters in the Gambier Local Trust Area. The BC Environmental Assessment Office conducted an environmental assessment in 2015; a member of the Islands Trust staff participated in the working group to provide knowledge and advice for the Application Information Requirements.

On October 26, 2015, BC Environment Minister Mary Polak and Natural Gas Development Minister Rich Coleman issued an environmental assessment certificate to Woodfibre LNG Ltd. for the Woodfibre LNG project.

On March 18, 2016, Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna approved the Woodfibre LNG project.

Sinking of the HMS Annapolis:

The proposed sinking of the decommissioned military HMS Annapolis in Halkett Bay was an advocacy issue for the Islands Trust from 2011-2014. Correspondence from the Islands Trust Chair speaks to the concerns noted by the Islands Trust. In September 2014, a Disposal at Sea permit was issued by Environment Canada. Damage to fish habitat and toxins remain concerns, but there are no plans for further action from the Islands Trust at this time.

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