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Gambier Local Trust Area Riparian Areas Protection

What is the Riparian Areas Protection Regulation?

The purpose of the provincial Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) (formerly known as Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR)) is to provide protection for riparian areas from development that would damage fish habitat. Riparian areas broadly refer to streams, lakes, and wetlands, but, the main focus of this initiative is on watercourses that support fish habitat. Enacted in 2004, the RAPR requires local governments in the province to adopt bylaws to control development within 30 metres of streams that support fish habitat. The Gambier Local Trust Committee and the Islands Trust are working to protect fish habitat through compliance with the British Columbia Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR). 


Why do Riparian Areas Matter?

Riparian areas are ecosystems that surround rivers, streams, wetlands and other freshwater bodies. These important zones where the land meets the water are characterized by dense vegetation that thrives in moist soils and host a wide variety of plant and animal life.  Riparian areas are vital not only to support the flora and fauna that call them home, but also because they create favourable habitat for anadromous fish (sea-going fish that return to freshwater), amphibians, and other aquatic species by filtering pollutants, slowing run-off and regulating water temperature. It is critical that these unique ecosystems be protected from development. 


Protecting Riparian Areas with Development Permit Areas

The Gambier Local Trust Committee is working to protect riparian areas throughout the Gambier Local Trust Area by using Development Permit Areas to require special consideration and protection measures when development is proposed near sensitive freshwater features. So far they have enacted Development Permit Areas to protect riparian areas on the Islands of Gambier, Keats, Anvil and South Thormanby. 

They are currently considering a Development Permit Area for Bowyer Island and adding another to Anvil Island. The project also includes bringing the Anvil and South Thormanby Development Permit Areas up to date with the 2019 changes to the Riparian Areas Protection Regulation


Associated Islands (Bowyer, Anvil and Thormanby) Riparian Areas Protection

2020-10-01 - Project Charter 

Riparian Areas Protection Regulation - Information Materials


Stream Mapping Reports

2015-04-20 Stream Mapping Report, Madrone Environmental Services (19 MB)
    - Anvil Island results and maps are on pages 35-37 and 43
    - Bowyer Island results and maps are on pages 32-34 and 42
2016-03-09 Stream Mapping Report Thormanby Island, Madrone Environmental Services (11 MB)


Staff Reports and Project Documents

2021-04-01 Staff Report - Gambier Associated Islands Streamside DPA (Draft Bylaws 145, 146 & 147)
2020-11-19 Community Information Meeting for Bowyer Island (Orchid Creek) – live stream recording of entire LTC meeting: CIM start time is 51:00, and ends at 1:21
2020-11-19 Staff Report Amendments and 1st reading of proposed Bylaw No. 147
2020-10-01 Staff Report - Amendments and 1st reading of proposed Bylaws 145 & 146

Staff Report - Ministry comments on Streamside and Riparian Areas DPAs (Anvil, Bowyer and S. Thormanby) (Proposed Bylaws 145 &147, and draft Bylaw 146) 
2018-03-08  Memorandum with update on the Gambier Associated Islands Streamside DPA
2017-10-26 Staff Report - Gambier Associated Islands Streamside DPA (Draft Bylaws 146 & 147)
2017-07-27 Staff Report - Streamside Protection DPA (Bowyer and Anvil)
2017-05-25 Staff Report - Gambier Associated Islands Streamside DPA
2017-04-27 Staff Report - Bowyer Island: Orchid Creek RAR Assessment
2016-11-17 Staff Report - Post-public hearing options for RAR issues on Bowyer Island
2016-03-17 Staff Report - RAR Bylaw Amendments - Thormanby Island
2016-10-13 RAR  presentation - Keats and Associated Islands Community Information Meeting

Staff Report - Summary of responses and suggested amendments to RAR bylaws for Keats Island and Associated Islands
2015-11-19 Preliminary Staff Report - RAR on Anvil and Bowyer Islands 


Proposed Bylaws

  • Proposed Bylaw No. 145 - Amendment to the Gambier Island Associated Islands Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 109 cited as “Gambier Associated Islands Official Community Plan, 2009, Amendment No. 1, 2017”.

  • Proposed Bylaw No. 146 - Amendment to the Bowyer and Passage Islands Land Use Bylaw No. 86 cited as “Bowyer and Passage Islands Land Use Bylaw, 2011, Amendment No. 1, 2017”.
  • Proposed Bylaw No. 147 -Amendment to the Gambier Island Associated Islands Land Use Bylaw No. 120 cited as “Gambier Associated Islands Land Use Bylaw, 2013, Amendment No. 1, 2017”
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