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Comprehensive OCP Review

The LTC identified a “Comprehensive OCP Review” as a top priority project and held an early community information meeting in April 2018 to gather ideas on the scope of the project. Support for the Islands Trust’s “preserve and protect mandate”, including a focus on strengthening relations with Tla’amin Nation and other Nations, is an overarching priority for this review. The purpose of this project is to review and update the Lasqueti Official Community Plan (OCP) policies and regulations, in a manner which supports community participation, the Object of the Islands Trust, strengthens relations with First Nations and addresses community land use planning priorities.

Proposed Bylaw

  • Proposed Bylaw No. 98 - Amendment bylaw cited as Lasqueti Island Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 98, 2020

Staff Reports

Project Charter

Related Documents

Community Consultation

Lasqueti Community Association

  • 2020 January - OCP Steering Committee Recommendations Report

Lasqueti Advisory Planning Commission (APC)

  • 2020-07-27 - Advisory Planning Commission Referral
  • 2019-02-21 - Advisory Planning Commission Referral
  • 2019-02-11 - Advisory Planning Commission Referral

Electronic Community Information Meeting - September 18, 2020
Click here for Live Stream recording

Public Correspondence
Please note that correspondence which is deemed to be of a potentially defamatory nature or contains private information will not be posted.

2021-02-03 - G Bigsby
2021-01-31 - C Gilchrist
2021-01-31  - W Barth
2021-01-30  - M Wood
2021-01-30 - D Grinnell
2021-01-29  - N Angelia
2021-01-29  M Auberbach
2021-01-28 - L Johnson
2021-01-28 - L Fisher
2021-01-28 - K Fisher
2021-01-28 - A Fall
2021-01-27  - S Wheeler
2021-01-27 - B Dorner
2021-01-25 S Taylor
2021-01-21 - D Varney
2020-09-18 - J Fall
2019-09-26 - D & L Slik
2018-04-28 - C Hunt


Housing Needs Assessment Report

Housing needs assessments are the first step a community can take to understand the gap(s) between the housing needs of its people and the availability of suitable housing to meet that need. The Northern Region Housing Needs Assessment is available here.

Further information on Housing in the Islands Trust is available here.

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