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Housing Review

The purpose of this project is to conduct a review of current housing regulations, policies and related incentives on Mayne Island and provide potential options for changes 
that could provide more flexibility and incentives for increasing flexibility for affordable housing. The project will also consider the potential environmental footprint and impacts 
(both positive and negative) of these alternatives.

Project Charter

Project Charter - June 24, 2019

Discussion Paper (Draft)

To provide background and context for community and stakeholder discussion, planning staff has prepared a (draft) discussion paper on the issue.  At the October 28th LTC Meeting, the Mayne Island LTC directed staff to conduct additional research on tiny home and garden suite regulatory frameworks, along with maximum floor size provisions and incentives utilized in other jurisdictions. The discussion paper will be finalized in early 2020 with the inclusion of this information as well as completion of the build-out analysis section. 

Following completion of the discussion paper, the LTC will undertake public and stakeholder outreach to disseminate findings of the report and to gauge community perspectives on potential changes to residential housing regulations and policies on Mayne Island.

Staff Reports

(Previous) 2011-2014 Secondary Suite Review

Secondary suites were legalized on Mayne Island in 2014 following extensive effort and community consultation. Project details can be found here.

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