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North Pender Island Local Trust Area Bylaws

North Pender Island Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 171

A bylaw to adopt the official community plan for North Pender Island.

Schedules or Maps:

Unofficial compilation map of development permit areas, for convenience only:

DPA Compilation Map [PDF - 13.6 MB]

For more information, click here to go to the Development Permit Area Resources page.

Amendment Bylaws

North Pender Island Land Use Bylaw No. 103

A bylaw to establish land use regulations.  New consolidated version April 2016.

Schedules or Maps:

Amendment Bylaws

North Pender Associated Islands Bylaws

Associated Islands Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 147

A bylaw to adopt an official community plan for the North Pender Associated Islands.

Schedules or Maps:

Associated Islands Land Use Bylaw No. 148

A bylaw to establish regulations and requirements respecting the use of land, including the surface of water, the use, siting and size of buildings and structures, the provision of parking, landscaping and screening and the subdivision of land within the North Pender Associated Islands Area.

Schedules or Maps:

LTC Policies and Standing Resolutions

North Pender LTC Policies & Standing Resolutions

A Local Trust Committee (LTC) may adopt a policy to guide its actions or direct staff on implementation or prioritization of LTC bylaws.  Policies are adopted by resolution of the LTC and become standing resolutions. 


Committee bylaws are posted for the convenience of the public. Every effort is made to keep bylaw content up-to-date, but we cannot guarantee accuracy.

Prior to making any decisions, or undertaking any actions based on bylaw content, please contact one of our planning offices for the most up-to-date bylaw information. Please consult with provincial statutes such as the Islands Trust Act, and the Local Government Act, for the most up-to-date references.

Maps are not always attached as part of a bylaw published on our website. If you require maps or schedules (which form part of a bylaw), please contact one of our planning offices.

If you would like to purchase a map document in hard-copy format, please contact the planning office nearest you. (The cost ranges from $5.00 to $7.00 dollars each copy).

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