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Waste Management

Waste Management Project

At the September 5, 2019 meeting the Local Trust Committee resolved to not proceed any further with this project.  Operators and/or landowners can apply for temporary use permits or rezoning for specific locations.

This project was initiated in 2015 to identify appropriate land to be zoned for solid waste transfer facilities. Bylaws were developed after extensive community engagement and through an evaluation of best practices, the development of appropriate criteria, and inventorying existing industrial land and current sites used for waste and resource transfer stations.  


Draft revisions: 

Staff Reports:

Project Charter

Agency Referral Responses

Older Staff Reports and Memos

How were the sites chosen? Structured Decision Making:

Final consultant's report: "North Pender Island Waste Management Site Suitability Final Report"

Community Engagement:

An FAQ Information sheet was mailed to all property owners and tenants on North Pender Island in July 2018. 

Special Meeting - Integrated Decision Making Meeting #2 - October 6, 2016  

Special Meeting - Integrated Decision Making Meeting #1 - August 10, 2016  

​Special Meeting - Waste Management Open House - May 30, 2016  

The purpose of this open house was to provide background information on the process to date, and to explain the Integrated Decision Making Process that will be conducted in August, using the updated spread sheet as a starting point.

Waste & Resource Management Commission

Islands Trust Advisory Planning Commission Conflict of Interest and Bias Guidelines

Waste & Resource Management Commission Meetings


Agenda Covers & Packages


Correspondence Received  

Previously received correspondence and future submissions will be available in the public hearing binder if the bylaws proceed to Public Hearing. 

Background Information

In 2009, the North Pender Island Local Trust Committee considered issues related to waste management and referred the subject to the Advisory Planning Commission for advice. The following minutes provide background information and a record of these deliberations.

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