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Salt Spring Island Current Applications

This page includes current rezoning and temporary use permit applications, as well as other significant applications. For a complete list of all open applications and their status, see the most current Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee agenda package on the Meeting Calendar, Agendas and Minutes page and view the 'Applications with Status Report' which can be found within the 'Reports' section of each agenda package.

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N. & M. Fraser - 240 Atkins Road
A proposal to exclude 240 Atkins Road from the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) in order to develop a light industrial and commercial strata titled business park.

SS-ALR-2017.3 (March 26, 2018: forwarded to the ALC for consideration)
Bullock Lake Farm LLC - 360 Upper Ganges Road
An Agricultural Land Reserve application for non-farm use.

Green City Builders - 192 Vesuvius Bay Road
An Agricultural Land Reserve application for non-farm use to permit a building/structure with a concrete (non-soil) base for the purpose of cannabis cultivation.

A. Lauzon - 1200 Beddis Road
An Agricultural Land Reserve application to allow subdivision (boundary adjustment between two parcels of land).

S. Moffatt - 108 Walker's Hook Road
A proposal to create a divided lot & include wetland area in order to satisfy the minimum lot size.

Polaris Surveying Ltd. - 200 Collins Road
A proposal to allow the creation of a split lot as a condition of subdivision.

Capital Regional District - 133 Burgoyne Bay Road
A proposal to amend the Official Community Plan designation and Land Use Bylaw zoning from S6 and S3 to a S2 variant for a marina expansion.

Island Marine Construction Services Ltd. - 2850 Fulford-Ganges Road
A proposal to amend the Land Use Bylaw zoning from A1 to A1(c) to permit the expansion of the liquid waste treatment facility.

Salt Spring Ventures Inc. - Lot 10 Park Drive
A proposal to amend the Land Use Bylaw to increase the permitted density on the subject property in exchange for affordable housing as a community amenity. The application seeks to rezone the property from Residential 2 (R2) to a Residential zone variant.

J.G. Consulting Services Ltd. - 161 Drake Road
A proposal to amend the Land Use Bylaw zoning from R9 to a R1 variant for a multi-family affordable housing complex.

I. Laing - 270 Furness Road
A proposal to amend OCP and rezone to permit micro-brewery and additional residences.

G. and M. Campbell - 347 Bridgman Road
A proposal to rezone from Commercial Accommodation CA2 to a Rural Zone variant.

F. and T. Dos Santos - 221 Drake Road
A proposal to rezone and redesignate lands to allow for the development of a 30 unit affordable housing project.

E. Booth - 2188 North End Road
A proposal to rezone to a Rural Zone Variation to allow existing cottage on property to be designated as affordable housing.

J.G. Consulting Services Ltd. - 132 Corbett Road
A proposal to rezone and allow for the development of 34 affordable dwelling units and office use (Croftonbrook).

Irving Pitcher & Associates - 121 Upper Ganges Road
A proposal to rezone and increase accommodation units from 42 to 55 (Harbour House Hotel).

D. Brown and E. Evanik - 155 Rainbow Road
A proposal to rezone 2 adjacent residential lots for commercial purposes.

E. Booth - 133, 177 and 201 Suneagle Drive
A proposal to remove 3 properties from Rural Watershed zone.

Lightdance Design Inc. - 377 Seymour Heights Road 
A proposal to vary RU1 zoning for a private medical clinic.

The Gulf Islands Residence Association - 154 King's Lane
A proposal to allow for the development of the Meadowlane complex, permitting a seniors’ residence and associated multi-purpose spaces.

CREST VHF Radio Tower & Antenna
CREST Emergency Communications - 120 Blain Road (Royal Canadian Legion)
Proposed Siting of a VHF Radio Antenna and Tower.

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