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Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee Projects & Initiatives


Water Sustainability

Watershed Management was made a Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee Top Priority in response to poor water quality advisories for St. Mary Lake which supplies drinking water to thousands of islanders. Read more >>

Ganges Village Plan - Harbourwalk

The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee has identified the development of a local area plan for Ganges Village as a community planning priority.  Read more >>

Industrial Land Uses Update

The goal of the Industrial Land Use Bylaw Update work program is to encourage socio-economic diversity and to enhance economic sustainability and security on Salt Spring Island by meeting the needs for commercial industrial lands for the next 25 years.  Read more >>

Affordable Rental Housing - Cottages

The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee initiated this project to address the need for affordable rental housing.  Draft bylaw 512 proposes to rezone 407 Rural-zoned properties to a new Rural zone variant that would permit affordable rental cottages instead of seasonal cottages.  Read more >>

Rural Watershed Uses

The Rural Watershed Uses project focuses on potential changes to the regulation of agriculture in the Rural Watershed 1 and 2 zones on Salt Spring Island. The objective of the project is to limit potential negative impacts on drinking water quality from farming.  Read more >>

Previous and Deferred Projects

 Information on some past and deferred Salt Spring Island LTC projects.  Read more >>         


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