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Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee Projects & Initiatives


2018-2022 Strategic Priorities

The SSI LTC has identified the following goals for its term:

  • Implement climate change mitigation and adaption measures
  • Ensure fresh water sustainability
  • Protect the Coastal Douglas Fir (CDF) Ecosystem
  • Increase availability of affordable housing
  • Protect and enhance agriculture
  • Increase meaningful consultation and cooperation with citizens, agencies and First Nations
  • Village Planning


Water Sustainability

Watershed Management was made a Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee Top Priority in response to poor water quality advisories for St. Mary Lake which supplies drinking water to thousands of islanders. Read more >>

Affordable Rental Housing - Cottages

The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee initiated this project to address the need for affordable rental housing.  Draft bylaw 512 proposes to rezone 407 Rural-zoned properties to a new Rural zone variant that would permit affordable rental cottages instead of seasonal cottages.  Read more >>

Temporary Use Permits for Residential Uses

This project will amend the Salt Spring Island Official Community Plan to authorize the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee to issue Temporary Use Permits (TUPs) for residential uses. It will also establish guidelines the Local Trust Committee can apply when considering issuance of TUPs for residential uses.  Read more >>

Regulation of the Production of Cannabis

The goal of this project is the regulation of the impacts from the commercial production of cannabis.  Read more >>

Industrial Land Uses Update

The goal of the Industrial Land Use Bylaw Update work program is to encourage socio-economic diversity and to enhance economic sustainability and security on Salt Spring Island by meeting the needs for commercial industrial lands for the next 25 years.  Read more >>

Previous and Deferred Projects

 Information on some past and deferred Salt Spring Island LTC projects.  Read more >>         


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