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Affordable Rental Housing - Cottages

Staff Reports, Bylaws & Correspondence 

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Project Update

More than 400 properties on Salt Spring Island can now provide a new form of lawful rental housing!

Bylaw No. 512 was adopted by the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee at its April 28, 2020 meeting. Notice of Bylaw No. 512’s adoption will soon be mailed to properties affected by the bylaw.

At its March 10, 2020 meeting, Islands Trust Executive Committee confirmed that Bylaw No. 512 is consistent with the Islands Trust Policy Statement.

At its February 18, 2020 meeting the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee made a number of amendments to Bylaw No. 512 to address concerns raised during the public hearing for the bylaw on January 28, 2020. 

Bylaw No. 512

Bylaw No. 512 rezones 411 Rural (R), Rural Upland 1 (RU1), and Residential 7 (R7) zoned properties to allow the full-time rental, rather than temporary seasonal use, of cottages. See the Bylaw No. 512 map for properties to which the bylaw applies.

Subject properties with an area of 2 hectares or greater are now allowed an increased cottage floor area of 90 square metres if the cottage is used exclusively for full-time residential rental, while properties with an area of between 1.2 hectares and 2 hectares are now allowed a cottage for full-time rental with a floor area of up to 56 square metres.

This project was initiated be the LTC in response to a demonstrated need for affordable housing. The purpose of this project is to increase the supply of rental housing on the island in a way that is consistent with Section B. of the Salt Spring Island Official Community Plan.

Public Hearing

A public hearing on Bylaw No. 512 was held on January 28, 2020. Approximately 105 people attended, and numerous pieces of correspondence were received. A record of the public hearing is available here. (Under Other Information) . Thank you to all who came out to the public hearing or submitted correspondence in advance.


Online Survey Results Now Available

During the Summer of 2019, two surveys were conducted to gauge public and property owner opinions on Proposed Bylaw No. 512. The results of these surveys can be viewed here: 
Cottages Survey | Cottages Property Owner Survey 



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