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Regulation of the Production of Cannabis


The goal of this project is the regulation of the impacts from the commercial production of cannabis.

Since the Federal Cannabis Act and Regulations were introduced in 2018, Salt Spring Island has seen development of several cannabis production facilities. The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee is updating the Island’s land use regulations to minimize negative land use impacts from cannabis production and to ensure consistency with Federal and Provincial legislation and the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

Bylaw No. 518 will amend the Salt Spring Island Land Use Bylaw to regulate cannabis production. In general, it will:

  • Make cannabis production a distinct use, rather than a general agricultural activity.
  • Permit cannabis production on land that is within the ALR and prohibit cannabis production on land that is not within the ALR.
  • Establish a 200m2 lot coverage maximum for indoor cannabis production facilities.
  • Establish setbacks for indoor cannabis production.


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