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Ruxton Island Private Moorage Structures Review

The Thetis Island LTC will be holding a Community Information Meeting and Public Hearing on proposed Bylaw No. 103 on Friday, May 31, 2019.  Click here for more information.


At the regular business meeting on June 27, 2017, the Thetis Island Local Trust Committee (LTC) endorsed a project charter for the Ruxton Island Private Moorage Structures & Community Docks Targeted Review Project. Since then, the LTC removed from this project the review of regulation to allow community docks on Ruxton Island, with the intention that that portion be undertaken as a separate project in the future. The sole purpose of this project is to address ambiguities in the Thetis Associated Islands Land Use Bylaw (LUB) regarding private moorage structures on Ruxton Island. The LTC became aware that Thetis Associated Islands Land Use Bylaw No. 94 (LUB) unintentionally allows some private moorage related structures on Ruxton Island that were otherwise thought to be prohibited by the LUB.

Project Charter

2018-12-11 Project Charter

Staff Reports and Presentations

2019-04-23 - Staff Report – consideration of 2nd Reading
2019-02-22 - Staff Report - consideration of 1st Reading
2018-12-11 Staff Report
2018-05-22 Staff Report - Bylaw Amendment Introduction
2018-02-27 Memorandum
2017-10-17 Community Survey Results Presentation
2017-08-27 Community Information Meeting Presentation
2017-06-27 Staff Report
2017-02-06 Staff Report

Proposed Bylaws

Proposed Bylaw No. 103 - Proposed amendment to Thetis Island Land Use Bylaw No. 94

Background Information

Thetis Associated Islands OCP and LUB Review (includes previous Ruxton Island dock discussion)
Ruxton Island Community Dock Options Study, August 2013
Community Dock Case Studies from the BC Coast


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