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Housing Agreement Bylaws

A Housing Agreement is a legal contract entered into by the property owner and the Local Trust Committee to ensure affordable housing. In the agreement the owner, usually an organization or society, agrees to specific terms such as rental or leasehold rates, allowable amounts for rate increases, or the amount for which a unit may be sold. Housing agreements can also stipulate tenant or owner eligibility based on income or other criteria. These terms can vary between different agreements.

Bylaw 388 - Heritage Place

Bylaw 364 - Meadowbrook

Bylaw 429 - Murakami Gardens

Bylaw 447 - 584 Rainbow Road

Bylaw 469 - 176 Norton Road

Bylaw 506 - Lot 3 Bishops Walk Road 

Bylaw 513 - 132 Corbett Road

Bylaw 517 - Meadowlane

Page last updated: 24/03/20
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